Orlando Fishing

Early Summer Redfish

Sightfishing for redfish and seatrout on mosquito lagoon has been above average. Water has remained generally clear and fish are beginning to cruise some shorelines. Larger seatrout have been seen following bait schools and have been receptive to a well placed fly or bait. Larger redfish are beginning to get in summer patterns. The larger redfish usually prefer live bait, but will take a fly or lure on occasions. Baby and larger Tarpon will start showing up in greater numbers in Mosquito Lagoon and Indian River

Mosquito Lagoon Weather

  • Wind: WSW at 23 mph gusting to 30 mph
  • Clouds: Scattered Clouds
  • Temperature: 79°F
  • Sunrise: 7:00 am GMT-5
  • Sunset: 6:14 pm GMT-5

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