Orlando Fishing

Late October

The fishing still remains strong. The large Redfish are still eating flies and lures well. Smaller slot fish have been sporadic, but when you find them they are usually in good numbers. The problem isn’t finding the fish , but there has been a lot of dirty water in the lagoons. This is normal this time of year due to winds and large mullet stirring up areas. This will all clean up once we get a cold front. Bob and wayne had an epic 2 1/2 days of fishing with me. Bob was able to land 8 redfish from 15- 35lbs on fly. Wayne was able to do the same on lures and bait. Fishing is only going to get better within the next month.

Capt. Nick

Mosquito Lagoon Weather

  • Wind: WSW at 23 mph gusting to 30 mph
  • Clouds: Scattered Clouds
  • Temperature: 79°F
  • Sunrise: 7:17 am GMT-5
  • Sunset: 5:49 pm GMT-5

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