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Early January

It is good to be back in my home water of Mosquito Lagoon. With the coldest December on record. The water in the Mosquito Lagoon is low and cold. After some frigid cold weather arrived after Christmas it pushed the redfish and seatrout off the flats and into holes and edges. The fish have been grouped up in schools and when found have given anglers plenty of shots. The only problem was, on some days they did not want to eat any feathers and fur, as well as a well placed live shrimp. Persistance was the name of the game. With temps getting back to normal, the fish will slowly move back on the flats to forage. On a 50 degree day James from New York was able to 3 for 7 on fly in a school of redfish. The fish were not eager to eat, with the takes being very soft as if they were just mouthing the fly. Don and his son joined me for two of the toughest days of flyfishing I have had in a long time. We found plenty of fish, but they would not sit still long enough to present the fly to them. Don was able to coax two black drum into eating with one coming to the boat. We also had shots at some 20lb+ layed up redfish. They just didn’t want to eat. Mike and Ben joined me on a cold windy day and were able to make lemonade out of lemons. Mike, on the fly rod, was able to land 7 or 8 redfish and seatrout and Ben backing him up on spin was able to land 25 redfish and seatrout. Fishing should get better with temps returning to normal.

Capt. Nick

Mosquito Lagoon Weather

  • Wind: WSW at 23 mph gusting to 30 mph
  • Clouds: Scattered Clouds
  • Temperature: 79°F
  • Sunrise: 7:17 am GMT-5
  • Sunset: 5:49 pm GMT-5

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