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With higher water and cooler air and water temps, Redfish have become very active in the shallows of Mosquito Lagoon. Flyfishing anglers are getting numerous shots at backing and tailing Redfish. Clients have been getting double digit catch days on fly such as Dr. Richard Kernish who managed 11 on fly and even doubled up with fly/baitcasting combo. The water remains off colored, but the fish don’t seem to mind. The big fish have still been active in the Indian River, but I have been focusing on poling in shallow water. We are experiencing a ton of rain, which will bring the water up, making for some good fall sightfishing. Myself and Capt. Scott are heading to the marshes of LA to guide for a couple of months. Reports to follow!

Capt. Nick

Mosquito Lagoon Weather

  • Wind: WSW at 23 mph gusting to 30 mph
  • Clouds: Scattered Clouds
  • Temperature: 79°F
  • Sunrise: 7:17 am GMT-5
  • Sunset: 5:49 pm GMT-5

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