Orlando Fishing

Late Nov. – Early Dec. LA

Both myself and Capt. Scott spent the later half of November into mid Dec. in Lousiana fishing with friends such as Chris Peterson-owner of Hellsbay Boatworks, Gary Jennings and John Frazier- Publisher and Editor of Flyfishing In Saltwaters magazine, Jorge Martinez- Artist, RA Beattie- Beattie Outdoors, Tim Pommer- Product Development engineer for SA flylines and many more friends. Fun was had by all. A ton of fish were caught up to 30lbs. We saw very little indications of oil problems in the marsh and ate redfish and Gulf shrimp and oysters from Louisiana waters.
Capt. Nick

Early November

The big Redfish bite has tapered off, but the shoreline fishing has been good. With colder temps finally arriving, the water has cleared and the Redfish have been found cruising shorelines. Anglers have been experiencing multi-fish days on fly. The shoreline bite should remain good untill the water drops out. When this occurs we will be targeting schools and open flats tailers.

Late October

The fishing still remains strong. The large Redfish are still eating flies and lures well. Smaller slot fish have been sporadic, but when you find them they are usually in good numbers. The problem isn’t finding the fish , but there has been a lot of dirty water in the lagoons. This is normal this time of year due to winds and large mullet stirring up areas. This will all clean up once we get a cold front. Bob and wayne had an epic 2 1/2 days of fishing with me. Bob was able to land 8 redfish from 15- 35lbs on fly. Wayne was able to do the same on lures and bait. Fishing is only going to get better within the next month.

Capt. Nick

Early-Mid October

The fishing remains good into October. To my surprise, the larger redfish have stayed in schools and are aggressively taking flies and baits. With the arrival of cool fronts, the water has begun to clean up, making for some excellent sightfishing for redfish cruising shorelines. I’ve also been seeing large Seatrout on the flats laying motionless waiting to ambush anything that crosses its path. Conditions will only get better as more frequent cold fronts arrive.

Capt. Nick

Late September

The big Redfish bite has remained consistent throughout September. The fish are still eating flies and baits consistently. The X factor has been the weather. It has been windy at the end of the month which made locating and staying with the large schools tough. With that bite waning, I have switched gears to poling shallow chasing smaller fish. With the water levels up, the fish have been found cruising shorelines. As we get further into fall, the water will begin to get cleaner and the fishing will only get better.

Capt. Nick

Bahamas R&R

Spent a few days Bonefishing in the Bahamas with Capt. Scott and Tyler of Castaway Customs. As expected the fishing was good and Tyler was able to release his first of many bonefish on fly. The fish were found in large schools as well as tailing in shallow water. The one surprise was being able to cast to Tarpon on the flats of the Marls. The tarpon were very eager to eat anything put in front of them.

Capt. Nick

Late August-Early Sept

The big Redfish bite remains strong on flies and light tackle. The schools of large redfish remain very consistent for charters choosing to get a trophy redfish. They are eating flies, artificials and bait. Some days one better then the other and other days, whatever you put in front of them is devoured. The slot redfish bite also remains good. We spent a little time last week targeting slot reds with flies and bait. The fish were found in singles and ate, if presented properly. Found some small black drum also. I got the oppurtunity to charter Todd Romero, channel 6 sportscaster, and Todd was able to relase numerous redfish up to 35#. Also got the pleasure to fish Lloyd from Texas. Lloyd catches a lot of redfish in Texas, but only wanted to get some bigger reds. Despite windy conditions, Lloyd was able to land some redfish in the 20# class on fly. All my charters are releasing multiple larger redfish on thier trips.

Channel 6 sportscaster- Todd Romero

Double up on plugs


Fly And Light Tackle Big Redfish

The larger redfish have been eating Flies and bait very well in the last couple weeks. We have been targeting these fish throughout the day. Some days are better then others, but fish are being caught on every charter. Fly patterns that have been working well are baitfish patterns. Some of these fish have been exceding 30lbs. Topwater plugs, swim baits and a variety of live baits have also been accounting for numerous fish.

Hot August Fishing

Fly and light tackle fishing remains good. Even though heat indexes have been over 100 degrees, the fishing also has been hot. Fly anglers are getting shots at numerous tailing and backing fish. This is also the time of year we target larger redfish on fly. Those same fish are also eating top water plugs very well. The key to success right now is be out early. Light tackle anglers have been finding success on live bait and plugs, targeting schools of redfish.
Capt. Nick

Late July Flyfishing

Being out at first light in the Mosquito Lagoon is the key right now for flyfishing. Midday, water temps are to hot. Seeing alot of fish midday, just getting them to eat is the tricky part. Had a good trip with client Bill Smith, going 4 for 6 on fly by 9:30 a.m. Fish were backing and tailing when water levels were right. Later in the week water levels dropped and fish were not as active, although Gary was able to release 2 nice fish.
Tight lines
Capt. Nick